RIVERSDALE LOVE is an innovative community-building project that attempts to bring the benefits of revitalization to all people in the neighbourhood, fostering intercultural connections and building healthy communities along the way.


Riversdale Love

In its October 2014 issue, The Walrus magazine brought national attention to the rapid growth of a humble Saskatoon neighbourhood, citing a critical point in our development: “Riversdale is more than a neighbourhood that is gentrifying. It is a chance at healing an old wound. It is a knife-edge on which a city stands” (Allan Casey). Riversdale Love responded to this call, using arts and events to foster a cohesive community, create economic development, and inspire unique connections and collaborations.

The project launched on April 30, 2015 at The Roxy Theatre, when eleven diverse speakers had 6 minutes, 40 seconds each to address the question “What is your vision for the future of Riversdale?Our speakers addressed different aspects of life in Riversdale: health, art, housing, urban planning, indigenous identity, youth, business, design, education, and food security. Watch those speakers here

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We're always looking for collaborators, volunteers and sponsors! Contact riversdalelove@gmail.com to be part of the fun!