Lynn Thompson (Essential Voices) & Yvonne Hanson (CHEP Good Food Inc.)

Another 2 videos from our launch! This week you can watch speakers Lynn Thompson and Yvonne Hanson. Lynn is originally from Pine Creek First Nations Manitoba. She has lived and worked in Saskatoon for the last 16 years as an HIV/AIDS & Hep C Consultant as well as an Essential Voices employee for Integrated Community Ministries. Yvonne is the Executive Director of CHEP Good Food Inc., a charitable organization housed at Station 20 West. CHEP works with children, families and communities to improve access to good food and promote food security. Click here to read Lynn and Yvonne's full bios.

Thanks again to Souldatta Productions for capturing the magic for us! We'll be launching another 2 videos next week, so keep in touch and REMEMBER TO WATCH, TWEET, SHARE, REPEAT!