The best thing about Riversdale... the people. An idea is just an idea until someone comes along and does something about it. Riversdale Love's launch was a huge success because we had people come forward who wanted to support it. And we continue to work on next steps because we have friends, supporters, sponsors who care to invest time, talent or money in Riversdale. Today's blog post is an ode to those amazing individuals who care.

The catalyst for Riversdale Love is SHIFT DEVELOPMENT.

The Riversdale BID was a sponsor for our launch. As was the Business Development Bank of Canada! What??? Yes, it's true. A bank actually gave us some money to pull off a launch because they believe in what we're doing. And then they actually CAME and participated. Now, that's what we like to see. (Below, Jay Solvason from BDC contributes to our interactive art project! Photo by Matt Braden)



Open Studio Projects These folks lead the interactive art project that got people from the audience responding to the speakers and contributing their visions for the future of Riversdale. 

Adjile Adjile helped us take a time-lapse video of our art installation. We felt a bit sheepish about not knowing how to do it ourselves, but they totally mastered the GoPro!

Hardpressed Did you see those sweet Riversdale Love volunteer t-shirts? Yes! Hardpressed made those cool threads, with the sweet designs of....

Island Dustin at Island did our t-shirt design. SWEET!

Greer Frances It's tragic that Greer was in Mexico for our launch because she knocked out the amazing logo and design for Riversdale Love! With her partner René Prefontaine from Shift Development Inc. she translated our vision into a logo and a website, and lots of little things along the way.

Jane McWhirter If you noticed those sweet looking billboards scrolling across the movie screen during Riversdale Love's launch, then you were sure to appreciate Jane's design skills. With very little guidance and time, she blew our minds!

Souldatta Productions Thanks to Geordie's team, every speaker's presentation was captured on video and is available on YouTube so that we can share the conversation with those of you who couldn't come out to our launch! Geordie put in many hours to make it all look seamless and sound great. 

Matt Braden Photography Matt was on the scene at the launch capturing the amazing vibe and leaving us with a gorgeous photo album of the event.

Upstream Now these guys were on the ground, running and hustling, taking care of business during the launch. They've been an indispensable resource leading up to the launch and now as we sort through the next steps of the project. Plus, they do amazing work for communities across Canada. Follow these guys!

Ideas Inc. A team of "Ambassadors" helped us carry out the interactive art project and a whole crew of them came from Ideas Inc. Thanks!

Studio D Photography Many of those speaker photos you see on our blog came from Matt Ramage's studio, who is the in house photographer for the Two Twenty and makes us all look fabulous.

Territorial There we were, hunkered down in the back of the office, importing logos, making corrections, changing things at the last minute as Territorial helped us pull together a fabulous looking program. Always accommodating, speedy and inspired, we love this team!

PAVED Arts Even though we didn't have a clue how to work it, PAVED lent us the GoPro equipment to do a time-lapse of our art installation. Thanks to our other friends who know technology, the video turned out great!

Essential Voices This team helped bring in the first hand  lived experiences of Faith Eagle and Lynn Thompson into the conversation. They advised, guided, and supported the process and were an indispensable resource as we worked to make our launch truly accessible to a diverse audience.

More Promo Participating in our art project meant filling out a sticky note with your vision for Riversdale...using a pen provided by More Promo! Hundreds of pens! Thanks MORE :)


So now when we say the best thing about Riversdale is the you know what we mean?