Building a Team

For the past few months, we've been meeting with people in Riversdale, making friends and sharing our ideas for what Riversdale Love can bring to our community. We're really excited that an incredibly talented group of folks has joined together to form an Advisory Team.

Their role? Keep it real! They all bring unique perspectives to the table--and they represent different networks, communities, friends. So as Riversdale Love moves forward, we've got this community of people who can give us insight, advice, and reach out to the people we want to work with! We'll be meeting monthly, so if you know some of these people, let them know what you want to see in the neighbourhood and keep the conversation flowing. (You can always reach us directly here too.)

Who are they? Here's the list below. Are there gaps? Let us know if you think we're missing someone/a community that needs to have a voice at the table. We'd LOVE your feedback.

Faith Eagle, Str8-Up/Only Moving Up
Bonnie Heilman, Community Development Kinship Consulting
Tarin Hughes, AKA Artist-run Centre
Ryan Meili, Upstream
Curtis Peeteetuce, Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre
Becky Sasakamoose Kuffner, Community Development Branch City of Saskatoon
Jinzhe Cui, Artist
Youth member, Street Force    
Allie Perrin, Green Ark
Kevin Sturgeon/Darryl Dozlaw/Sandra Youngchief, Riversdale Community Association
Sandra Stack, Friendship Inn
Kevin Wesaquate, Artist

Watch for guest blog posts from our team!